Making A Moving Job Easier For Your Moving Service

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Making A Moving Job Easier For Your Moving Service

6 June 2016
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If you are planning on moving to a new town, and you have a home full of furniture and personal belongings to take along, you will most likely call a moving company to help with the task. When movers arrive at your home to take belongings out to place in their truck, the atmosphere will be abuzz with plenty of activity. At this time, it is easy for someone to become injured due to distraction if proper precautions were not taken beforehand. Here are some tips you can use to increase the safety within your home when a moving service is doing their job.

Prepare For A Sitter To Watch Children And Pets

Make it a priority to have any little ones and pets cared for when the moving service arrives. This will ensure no one is underfoot when the movers try moving a bulky piece of equipment or heavy box full of heirlooms through rooms in the home.

Place a sign on the door of the room where small children or pets are waiting for the job to be done. This will help keep the moving company from accidentally opening the door to see what items inside need to be moved. Bring all items out of this room minus the heaviest pieces before the moving company arrives. Ask the company to handle this room last. The people and pets who were inside can move to another portion of the home while the movers handle this room. Since the rooms will be emptied, movers will be able to locate the children or pets by sight much easier as they make their way to the door, minimizing the risk of injury.

Have The Right Tools Available To Give A Hand

Being prepared with some tools the workers can use will be very helpful when it is time to move items. They will have their own equipment, but it can be helpful to have a doorstop, a piece of wide lumber to slide heavy boxes down front porch steps, or an extra dolly to speed up the moving process. Keep cardboard boxes and packing tape on hand in case a package falls apart. This is also helpful if a box is deemed too heavy to lift, allowing the contents to be be split up into separate enclosures.

Package And Place Items With Movers In Mind

When packaging items for moving, leave notations on the exterior of boxes and containers so the movers will know if the contents inside are fragile. This will help them place the items in the truck in areas where they are less likely to become damaged. Make sure to use enough packing tape on boxes so they are secure enough for lifting without worry of something falling out of the bottom. It is best to use small boxes for heavy items. Place your belongings along the perimeters of each room. Having an empty middle portion will allow movers to walk through without tripping over other belongings.