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using storage units for your kids' stuff

Do your kids have more toys than you have room for? If so, you have two options - get rid of some of the toys, or find a new place to store them. I ran into this problem a few years ago and came up with a solution that has really worked for us. I rented a storage unit. I take the toys that don't seem to get played with to the storage unit and let them stay there for a few months. When a get a box or two of toys that the kids don't play with any longer, I box them and retrieve what I had stored prior. This keeps the kids interested in the toys and keeps them organized. Find out more about using storage units for your kids' stuff on my blog.

Residential Moving Tips Everyone Should Know About

20 December 2022
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During a move, most people focus too much on planning and packing and forget other crucial activities that are part of the process. While it is okay to plan ahead of time, declutter, and buy the ideal packaging material, you also need to consider that you're going to a new address. However, creating a solid plan that includes other facets of the move gives you a stress-free experience. Here are some moving tips you should know. Read More …