3 Insider Tips On Using A Lift Gate Versus A Ramp On A Moving Truck

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3 Insider Tips On Using A Lift Gate Versus A Ramp On A Moving Truck

7 October 2015
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Getting very heavy cargo into a moving truck is difficult. You may risk breaking one of your most valuable possessions in the process, or you may risk injury if you are unable to get everything moved safely. Depending on the type of move, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of using a ramp versus a lift gate. Using a ramp is often the better option, but a lift gate may still be a viable option.

The Ease of Use

A lift gate is rather easy to use if you've had the experience using one. However, because it's more mechanical than manual, there are always risks involved. For one, something needs to be on it for it to move up to the truck's level.

You may have difficulty putting something on the lift gate if you are at ground level. A lift gate is not designed to lie flat on the ground. So if your item rolls, it won't be very steady on a lift gate.

A ramp, on the other hand, is manual. You can use it easily with a dolly. The truck also does not have to be turned on, so there is no confusion. However, if you use a ramp, you have a workout ahead of you, even if you use the right tools in the process. If you already have a bad back, a ramp may not be the best process for you.

The Weight of the Furniture

Some large furniture may be too heavy to move about even on an appliance dolly. Loading it onto a ramp by using this dolly positioned at an angle can certainly help, but it isn't going to take the proverbial weight off of your shoulders. You may be better off using the lift gate instead when it comes to heavy furniture.

Professional Help With a Lift Gate

If you are planning on using a lift gate, you should get the truck early on to learn how to properly use it. You don't want to hurt yourself, damage your property, or damage the equipment. Indeed, if your furniture is very heavy and difficult to handle with a ramp, hiring professional movers to help you with a lift gate may be your best option.

A lift gate is a great option for many people in the process of moving, especially if they have heavy furniture. While many people have used ramps in their moves, they should weigh the pros and cons of both options thoroughly.