How To Pull Off A Last Minute Move

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How To Pull Off A Last Minute Move

8 October 2015
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While a move of less than four weeks is a big challenge for any family, there are ways to get the work done. Here are some tips for tackling the challenges of a last minute move. 

Find a Truck— Or an Alternative

The first thing to do when you're planning a move on short notice is to look for high quality residential moving services. If you're really running late, it can be difficult to find enough trucks for your move, so you may need to get creative about how you'll transport your stuff.

One option is to rent a smaller truck and make several trips to your new home. You may need to use your personal vehicle to transport part of your stuff as well, or rent an SUV in addition to your moving truck. 

Another option is to use your mover to carry the main objects, and then store larger objects in a storage unit, such as Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc, until you can pick them up at a later date. Your movers can advise you on how to best accommodate your belongings, and give you tips for packing your truck to the fullest.

Get Help Packing

For very last minute moves, you may not have time to pack your belongings while also coordinating the move logistics. Many household moving services will also offer professional packing help for an additional fee. 

Consider Renting a Storage Unit

Residential storage services can be a godsend for the last minute move. If you are unable to transport all of your items in one go, you can leave the rest behind for pickup at a later date. A storage unit can also save you from having to quick pack and pad everything for a long haul move; you won't need to waste time wrapping your items for transport to a nearby storage unit. Many storage companies also offer great deals for the first few months of storage in order to entice new clients. 

Hire a Cleaning Service

If you're leaving your old home in a hurry, you may worry about returning your old home to a spotless condition. This can affect the security deposit you'll receive if you're renting, and it can be an even bigger problem for sellers who are trying to appease the new homeowners. Luckily, some moving services offer a professional cleaning service. These services can include features such as rubbish removal and wall or carpet cleanings. 

Essentially, pulling off a last minute move comes down to choosing the right moving company. There are certain issues that will come up with a short turnaround time for your move, but you can make it all work by hiring outside help to make the workload easier.