3 Services to Make Your Cross-Country Move Less Stressful

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3 Services to Make Your Cross-Country Move Less Stressful

9 October 2015
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Are you and your family planning a cross-country move? If so, you probably have a lot of important decisions on your plate. You likely need to find a place to live in your new city and maybe even sell your current home. If you have kids, you might have to find a school for them to enroll in after you move. And then you may also need to deal with all of the emotional stress that can come from leaving family and friends to start somewhere new. Moving cross-country is a big project, so it's important that you use all the services available to you to make the situation easier. Here are three such services that might come in handy:

Car transport services. You and your partner or spouse probably have your own cars, but you may want to ride together as a family on the way to the new city. That leaves the challenge of getting your other vehicle there. A car transport service can be a perfect solution. You can hire a car transport service to either physically drive your car cross-country or to load your car onto a truck for transport. If you have a boat, jet skis, or other vehicles, you can have them transported, too. They'll pick up the items at your house and deliver them to your door in your new home.

Pet transport services. Do you have a dog or cat? Are you not looking forward to keeping the animal in the car for a multi-day, cross-country trip? Traveling with a pet can be inconvenient, especially if you have to stop frequently to take the animal on walks. It could also make your pet sick, which could create big problems in a packed car.

Take the pressure off by hiring a pet transport service to get your furry friend to its new home. They'll usually pick your pet up from your house and then arrange pet-friendly transport on a plan to your destination city. When you arrive at your new home, they'll deliver your pet. You can rest assured that your animal is likely far more comfortable than he or she would be in your packed car.

Packing services. There's nothing fun about packing up an entire house. That's especially true when you're also planning a cross-country drive and attending to the needs of your kids and other family members. You probably also don't want to finish a cross-country drive by facing days of unpacking. Give yourself a break by hiring a packing service. They'll come into your home and safely pack all your belongings. When you arrive in your new home, they can come out and unpack everything for you (you may need to hire two different teams). With a team doing the job, packing will go much faster than if you did it yourself. That will allow you to relax and enjoy your new city.

For more information, contact a packing service in your area. They can come out and review your belongings and offer you a quote.