Tips For Moving Out After A Breakup

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Tips For Moving Out After A Breakup

19 October 2015
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If you have been living with your significant other, a breakup can be that much more difficult. Untangling your life with someone emotionally as well as physically can be draining. If you are moving out and on with your life, there are some moving strategies that can help. Here are four tips when it comes to moving because of a breakup.

1. Make it Quick

There is no need to linger if you are moving out. Clear your schedule, take a few days and get your move finalized as soon as you can. Hash out what shared items you will be taking, if you can, so that you can pack efficiently and move on. Even if you are upset about a breakup, trying to hold on and draw out the process of moving will just make this more painful for everyone involved.

2. Move When Your Ex is Out of the Apartment

Regardless of whether a breakup was amicable, your idea, or your ex's, emotions can run high. Moving out of a shared space can bring up a lot of old memories, so it is best if you can schedule movers when your ex is out of the home. It isn't worth it to put yourself in a situation where there might be a scene or you might break down. Keep your emotions under control and don't put yourself in a situation where you might lose your cool.

3. Storage Units Can Save You

If you aren't sure what your next steps are in life, don't make any drastic decisions. Rent out a storage unit for your big household items if you will be in an interim housing situation. Movers can deliver your items directly to storage where these will be packed up and ready to go when you need them in the future.

4. Be Responsible

You may be hurt and not want to do your ex any favors, but if you are moving quickly, do offer to pay your portion of the rent through the month. If you are collectively moving out of a shared space, remember, your deposit and references are on the line so be sure to be as professional as possible. Be sure to get your name off of the lease if you are the one moving.

Moving and breakups are considered two of the more stressful occurrences in one's life and unfortunately can go hand in hand. If you can handle your move in a calm, strategic way, this will help make your transition easier to handle. Click here to hire professional help.