Renting A Storage Space To Keep Your Crafting Materials Safe And Organized

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Renting A Storage Space To Keep Your Crafting Materials Safe And Organized

22 October 2015
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If you love to craft but might not have the space for a crafting room, storing all of your crafting supplies might be a tall order in your home. If you are serious about crafting, don't limit your creativity or supplies just because you don't have space in your home. Getting a storage unit can help clear up clutter in your home and keep your crafting supplies safe until you need them. 

1. Organizing Your Storage Space

If your crafting cabinet or closet has exceeded space limitations, a storage unit can help de-clutter your home. At the same time, a storage unit can be set up to better organize your items. Invest in large, sturdy bins of different sizes that can accommodate your items. Be sure to label these clearly, such as 'Cotton Fabrics' or 'Scrapbooking Supplies' so you can pull out just what you need from storage when inspiration hits.

2. Staging Area in Your Unit

If you can opt for the next size up in storage units your storage space can be more functional. It is a good idea to have space to be able to walk into your storage unit and even set up a staging area. Have a table set up for sorting through fabrics or for quickly wrapping up gifts if you don't want to take all of your supplies home for a quick project.

3. Temperature and Humidity Control

A great thing about storing your crafting supplies in a storage unit is you won't have to worry about damp weather, possibly causing crafts to warp or grow mold. If you can find a temperature and humidity-controlled storage facility, your crafting supplies will have a much longer shelf life and will be safer than in your garage or shed.

4. Storage Close to Your Home

If you are worried that crafting items will be too hard to access if these aren't in your home, it might be worth it to spend a few extra dollars a month for a storage facility that is near your home. A quick run to the storage facility can be easily accessible and won't slow down your crafting when inspiration hits.

If you love sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, or a combination of crafts, don't feel guilty about your supplies. Creativity needs to have inspiration, so make sure your crafting stash is organized and safe in storage if you don't have room for this in your home. Knowing exactly where your crafting items are and having these ready for when you need them can be achieved with a storage unit (such as those found through Santa Monica Mini Storage).