Three Ways A Storage Unit Can Help A Contractor

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Three Ways A Storage Unit Can Help A Contractor

5 November 2015
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Contractors who work on their own or who operate small contracting businesses often need additional space to help grow their companies, but renting an office or shop can be expensive. A self storage unit can help meet your need for space without the complications involved in renting a commercial office or repair shop. Here are just a few of the ways you can use your storage space for your business.

Create A Sample Showroom

If you do remodeling jobs or any kind of decorative work on homes, use your storage space as an interactive work portfolio/showroom. Build mini versions of cabinet displays, tile work or carpentry projects and place them throughout the storage unit. Be sure to add extra lighting and a few colorful area rugs to truly transform the space into a true showroom that makes it easy for potential clients to see your work in their homes.

Build A Bulk Storage Supply Room

As a contractor, you can typically get significant discounts on materials you use every day for work, and buying in bulk can often save you even more money. Instead of heading to the lumber yard or home improvement store every time you have a job, consider buying some of your supplies in bulk and stage them in your storage unit. The climate-controlled space will protect wood, bags of cement and other materials from damage caused by rain and extreme temperatures. Having all the supplies in a centralized location makes it easy for any contractors you work with to access the materials whenever they need to.

Create A Custom Workshop

Not all of the repairs and construction work you do has to be done on-site at a customer's home. Use your self-storage unit as a workshop or repair shop where you can get small jobs done. This is ideal for carpenters who may want to cut and assemble cabinets, shelves and other items before transporting them to a customer location. Be sure to ask the storage facility about renting a space with plenty of electrical outlets so you can charge power tools and light your workshop appropriately. As an added bonus, you can keep your more expensive tool collection safely stored in the workshop. This is a great alternative to keeping your tools in your work truck or van.

There are many ways you can put a storage unit, like those at University Self Storage, to use for your contracting business. Consider these options or come up with a unique storage solution that meets your needs.