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Declutter Before Moving

17 July 2023
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Moving is a huge commitment. As a result, you'd be wise to look into ways to make it easier on yourself. One example would be decluttering before drawing up the inventory of items you'll be shipping to your new home. The less you bring, the less you have to pack and move, which can save you time, energy, and money. After all, movers charge hourly, meaning you want to get things done fast so long as you aren't rushing yourself.

Have a Plan

Things are always easiest when you have more time to work on them. As such, you should start decluttering months rather than weeks before your moving date. By doing so, you can give yourself enough time to create a plan before executing that plan to perfection. Some people suggest decluttering your home room by room. It's the most natural way to do so. Better still, it requires the least extra effort. Others recommend going category by category. This gives you an exact idea of what items you have for what purpose, thus making it easier to pick out what you need for your new home but nothing more. The issue is that you'll have to dig everything out for sorting before you can start decluttering.

Keep Your New Home In Mind

You'll want to measure your new home's dimensions before decluttering. Indeed, you might want to take pictures of the rooms so you can always see what you'll be working with rather than rely on recollection. These steps are beneficial because you're moving to a new home with new constraints and possibilities. As such, you need to declutter while keeping these things in mind. For instance, there is no point in bringing furniture that won't fit. It'd be better to sell, donate, or discard it.

Be Ruthless But Never Rushed

The Guardian points out that being ruthless can offer excellent results when decluttering. It's normal for people to get attached to possessions. Even so, you need to be willing to get rid of things if you want to get anywhere when decluttering. As a rough rule, consider whether you need something if you neither use nor love it. Be warned that you should never make rushed decisions when decluttering because you're likelier to develop regrets. One of the reasons to start decluttering early is so you can carefully evaluate everything in your home rather than feel pressured to get rid of things.

Pack As You Go

Moving companies can help you pack your belongings. Movers can double as packers. Furthermore, moving companies carry moving supplies. There's nothing wrong with using these services. Still, you can save money by packing your belongings ahead of time. Every time you decide to keep something, you can pack it up unless you know you'll need it at some point before the moving date. Please note that this applies to your easier-to-handle items. If you have anything too heavy, delicate, or valuable, you should leave the packing and preparation to professionals with the right tools and training.

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