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using storage units for your kids' stuff

Do your kids have more toys than you have room for? If so, you have two options - get rid of some of the toys, or find a new place to store them. I ran into this problem a few years ago and came up with a solution that has really worked for us. I rented a storage unit. I take the toys that don't seem to get played with to the storage unit and let them stay there for a few months. When a get a box or two of toys that the kids don't play with any longer, I box them and retrieve what I had stored prior. This keeps the kids interested in the toys and keeps them organized. Find out more about using storage units for your kids' stuff on my blog.

Unbreakable: The Best Way To Pack Your Dishes

14 October 2015
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Packing the kitchen is always the toughest part of moving. You can't just throw everything into boxes. Items must be carefully wrapped to prevent them from being broken. Here are a few tips to help you pack up your kitchen:   Materials  The first thing you will need to do is find packing materials. Everything you need can be found at a local moving supplies store, but that can be expensive and unnecessary. Read More …

How To Avoid Last Minute Moving Complications, And What To Expect If You Can’t

14 October 2015
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It's easy to lose track of time when you're preparing for a move, even if it's just across town. Planning ahead and knowing what areas to prioritize can help, but that isn't always enough. If you do find yourself facing a move out deadline, you should be aware of what to expect from hiring last minute help and services to complete the move that snuck up on you. Start Preparing Early Read More …

Moving With A Piano? Be Sure To Plan Where It’s Going

12 October 2015
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Moving a piano can seem like a Herculean task – that's why most people rely on professionals. In addition to being heavy, pianos are bulky and oddly balanced, and banging a piano around while moving it is a lot worse than banging around a couch. But if you're moving, your work isn't done when the piano arrives at your new place. It's important that you plan out just where you want your piano to go before you move it in. Read More …

3 Services to Make Your Cross-Country Move Less Stressful

9 October 2015
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Are you and your family planning a cross-country move? If so, you probably have a lot of important decisions on your plate. You likely need to find a place to live in your new city and maybe even sell your current home. If you have kids, you might have to find a school for them to enroll in after you move. And then you may also need to deal with all of the emotional stress that can come from leaving family and friends to start somewhere new. Read More …

How To Pull Off A Last Minute Move

8 October 2015
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While a move of less than four weeks is a big challenge for any family, there are ways to get the work done. Here are some tips for tackling the challenges of a last minute move.  Find a Truck— Or an Alternative The first thing to do when you're planning a move on short notice is to look for high quality residential moving services. If you're really running late, it can be difficult to find enough trucks for your move, so you may need to get creative about how you'll transport your stuff. Read More …